Individual Therapy

Individual therapy services with a focus on depression, anxiety, relationship issues, self-esteem/self-confidence, shame and guilt, and transgender/non-binary support and advocacy.

My approach to individual therapy is focused on identifying patterns we often find ourselves in: ways of relating to ourselves and others that inadvertently impact our ability to live the lives we want. The aim of therapy is to identify these patterns, understand why they keep happening, and identify opportunities to shift the patterns. Therapy should also be an opportunity to create space for yourself to understand who you are with increased compassion and self-awareness.

Assessment for Gender-Affirming Medical Services

Comprehensive psychological evaluation for gender affirming hormones and/or surgical procedures available. I adhere to the requirements put forth by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and provide an evaluation that meets the requirements most often required by surgeons and health insurance companies.

My approach is focused on supporting you. I believe YOU are the expert on you, and I look forward to partnering with you in your process.

Diagnostic Evaluations for Academic and Support Accommodations

Diagnostic assessment available in support of academic and emotional support accommodations. I provide expedited diagnostic interviews and reports for individuals who are seeking support for requests for academic or support accommodations. This evaluation includes a full diagnostic interview, exploration of how the symptoms you are experiencing are impacting your ability to function in the academic environment, and working to help you determine what kinds of accommodations might best support your academic goals.

It is important to note that an evaluation does not guarantee accommodations but will provide supportive documentation that reflects your clinical presentation and stated needs. Additionally, if your university requires more substantive formal testing for specific diagnoses such as ADHD, I am happy to provide referrals to community resources and providers who can offer this more comprehensive testing.

Insurance & Billing

I currently accept Husky, Anthem BCBS, and private pay. Please email me if you have questions about billing.

Location 1153 Main St, Coventry, CT 06238 Phone 585-465-3174 E-mail Hours Appointments by request; Evening times available~contact to set up a free consultation
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